Monday, 30 March 2009

Day 1 Boardercross

Today was hectic, clouds where rolling in and out of the boardercross track all day making visibility poor. Boardercross is a race down a vertical decent against 4 other riders. The course was really fun, with a variation of rollers, kickers and berms, the first obstacle was a small but super whippy kicker. I made it through the qualification into 2nd place and won the semi's.

The finals went down with Gemma Marshall in 1st, followed by myself , Becky Cullum in 3rd and Sam Rogers finishing in 4th. I managed to fall on the first kicker, overshooting it and landing to the flat, that put me in last place, I managed to work my way through the field to finish in 2nd place.

overall it was a good day, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the upcoming events this week.

Friday, 27 March 2009

LAAX is where it's at!

Im here in Laax at the moment for the British Champs, I have been out here for 2 days now and it's aweosme out here, I am here a few days early to get some practice before the start of champs, there is tons of snow for this time of year! 

 The first day I was ridding with some of the GB guys and we built a powder kicker! I nailed a couple of backflips and attempted a rodeo! Some crazy stuff was going down, double backflips, switch back 9's and Tom Hunt nailed a double front flip. I am really looking forward to the comp next week. Everyone is arriving on the 28th, and then I will then be moving into an apartment with the Roxy girls for the week. Monday it's boardercross, so I will update you then. As for now check this  shot of me on the pow kicker!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Roxy snowcamps 09

Here is the Video from the Roxy Camp in Morzine, check it out!

Filmed and Edited by Jools Benker

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

First ever Roxy Snowboard Camp Morzine

I deffinatley one the snowball fight

I am back from Morzine, where Roxy hosted the first ever Roxy Ski and Snowboard camp! Lesley Mckenna was head coach, and I was there as assistant coach, I also got a wee bit of ridding in myself before the British Champs in 2 weeks time!

The week was very successful, with Massages, shopping, makeovers and offcourse lots of shredding! we where staying in the most amazing chalet (Star ski chalets) it over looked the whole of Morzine, I think it is perhaps the nicest place I have ever stayed when I have been away in the Mountains :)

It was my first experience of actually teaching snowboarding, and it gave me another perspective of the sport, not only did I get some valuable time coaching, I also gained from my experience of breaking the moves down, then relating it to my own snowboarding.

Mid week Roxy surfer Candice came out to try snowboarding, she picked it up super quickly and we had her going off the jumps on the first day!It was hard to believe she had never been in the mountains before! It was insane how quickly she learned! We had a great time mucking around both up and down the mountain, we had 2 Weetabix competitions, the first was to see who could eat six Weetabix the fastest, unfortunately I lost this by a mouthful as Candice's time was under 2:30's! But for sure I won the dry Weetabix eating contest hands down! So right now it's a draw.

The weather wasn't to great throughout the week, but on the last day it was blue bird, and it had been dumping so I got a few turns and the rest of the girls gave the powder a blast.

There should be a podcast coming out on the week, so check back soon!

Me getting some powder action!


Monday, 2 March 2009

Good Day!

Just in Avoriaz at the moment on the Roxy Camp, getting ready to go up the hill.. snow is expected all week so hopefully going to get some powder ridding in! Here's a couple of pics of the Roxy Juniors in Saas Fee, Switzerland at the start of the season.

Me and Soph.

All of us.