Friday, 27 March 2009

LAAX is where it's at!

Im here in Laax at the moment for the British Champs, I have been out here for 2 days now and it's aweosme out here, I am here a few days early to get some practice before the start of champs, there is tons of snow for this time of year! 

 The first day I was ridding with some of the GB guys and we built a powder kicker! I nailed a couple of backflips and attempted a rodeo! Some crazy stuff was going down, double backflips, switch back 9's and Tom Hunt nailed a double front flip. I am really looking forward to the comp next week. Everyone is arriving on the 28th, and then I will then be moving into an apartment with the Roxy girls for the week. Monday it's boardercross, so I will update you then. As for now check this  shot of me on the pow kicker!

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