Sunday, 27 September 2009

BACK in England

I have been quite bust the last week, I flew over from Belfast last weekend to London and I went up to Bath University for a few days to check out the campus and the sports facilities. I am now attending there as a part time student studying a Sports Performance degree. I have never been to Bath before and I was really impressed, especially by the shopping!!!! I was loving the Superdry store, we deffinatley need one in BELFAST! <--- Check out the people statues in Bath they literally did not move the whole weekend I was there! 

 I am just back from Tammworth, this past weekend I spent in a Snowdome, I was in London on Friday checking out the Roxy Office, that was cool to see were all the magic happens! I then travelled with some of the Roxy crew, Michelle and Hannah up to Tammworth Snowdome for the Big Bang TSA show. Other than the fact we got totally lost when we arrived and drived for 40 miniutes in a circle and turned up at someones house rather than the Holiday Inn, we blame it on the TOM TOM. I was runing the all girls Roxy Coaching session, that went really well and all the girls had a great time and learned lots riding the boxes and the wee jump. I will be up in Glasgow next week for the next TSA event, so see you guys there for some more shred action!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Home sweet home....

I have been home now for just over a week, time fly's! My journey back home was surprisingly good considering the amount of stops I had to make. Queenstown, Christchurch, Sydney, Bangkok, Dubai, London, BELFAST!

It has been pretty hectic since I got home but good fun. Brilliant to see all my family and friends again. Last weekend I spent up at the North Coast surfing, I took part in the Roxy Surf days with a few friends, was also great to catch up with some of my Roxy team mates, (SURFERS)! Candice O'donnell and Sophie Hellyer. Also managed to squeeze in some wakeboarding whilst the girls where over, so we went down to Gaston's boat.
Thanks to Candice and Sophie for the surfing tips! and Troggs surf school for putting on an awesome event.