Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Roxy Chicken Jam Kaprun Austria

I am just back from Kaprun, from the USA I went straight onto the Roxy Chicken Jam a 6* Event, one of the Women's most prestigious TTR Events in the TTR Tour.

I arrived a couple of days before the start of the competition, for a training camp with the rest of the Roxy Girls and coach Lesley Mckenna. The conditions on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier where not great when I first arrived, there was strong wind, making it difficult to practice for the qualification.

The day of the 12th of December (the qualification day) had been the best weather yet, even still there were strong winds but we battled through! The qualification went really well for me, I landed one clean run, to finish in 3rd place, which entitled me to a place in the main session with the 20 invited riders. 8 Riders out of the 30 qualifiers go through to the main session, also for finishing in the Top 3 I won a swatch TTR Watch.

The day of the Finals, there was extreme winds, gusts up to 140km an hour, they started to run the comp, but it was unsafe as people where overshooting and Knuckling due to the changes in the direction of the wind. On the Sunday they cancelled the Finals again, as the weather was too bad and it was dangerous to ride.
Aswell as ridding and competing we did some filming for a Roxy Podcast and we where all made up as Zombie's!!! and learnt the thriller dance (check it)

On the Saturday night, Roxy hosted a huge party in Kaprun's castle which was a huge success and lightened everyones spirits despite the cancellation.

I am now back home, after 3 solid weeks of shredding! and travelling, currently i'm sitting in school in one of my free periods! enjoying being back to normality for the Christmas period, and then back out on the slopes at the start of January in Laax for the Burton European Open.

Have a good Christmas!

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